Welcome to Stoyko's Dossier_

I'm a web-developer, who builds full-scale projects, using Node.js, React.js and other tools.

This website will be used as both a continious project and an archive, where I can keep notes and present the process of coming up with new project ideas, their development, deployment and anything inbetween.

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Entry [6]


Been a minute I guess.... Got into some _VERY_ basic Python script...

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Entry [5]


Had some stuff to take care off. Missed the last entry. However, I...

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Entry [4]


The past 2 weeks were mainly authentication / authorization and mob...

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Entry [3]


It's been hectic 2 weeks and I didn't have much time to work on sid...

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Entry [2]


Finally started work on the new project I have in mind. After some...

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Entry [1]


I decided to first complete an already started project, before begg...

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Entry [0]


I've had this idea for a large scale project for a number of months...

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